I'm a brown eyes girl who live in a between. Between Gemini and Leo. Between sad and happy. Between single and taken. Oh, hi, between love and missing? Maybe yes, maybe no. But I think I must keep balance in my life to keep living. To keep in between.

Please Understand Me // Thursday, March 13, 2014
10:29 PM
So please understand me.
I'm busy, but I'll try to not hiatus.
Please understand me, your bitches make me sick.
I'm got headache for all the shit! Please understand me!
Everybody want to be happy.
Not just you.
Everybody makes mistakes, not just me.
Everybody gonna hates, not just you.
You know? You waste a short time in your life to unimportant things what have a many bitches.
Please understand me.
I believe you are clever and smart person! Not stupid!
Please, understand, me.

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